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Hall of Fame Nominations


The mission of the Flagstaff Sports Foundation is to contribute to the community significantly and beneficially by promoting individual and team sports in every manner possible.  The Foundation does this by sponsoring sports related opportunities in Flagstaff; whether it be providing financial support for a team or individual competitor, or educating the community on sports-related issues.  The Flagstaff Sports Foundation is also responsible for organizational duties related to the Flagstaff Sports Hall of Fame, honoring individuals and teams who have positively impacted northern Arizona through their sustained efforts in sports.

Flagstaff Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria:

·         Any member of the Flagstaff Sports Foundation may nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

·         Nominations must be made in writing, utilizing the Hall of Fame Nomination Form or online submission form.  Additional documentation, including letters of support, may be submitted via email to sportsfoundation@q.com.

·         Nominations will be reviewed, and recipients selected, by the Selection and Induction Committee which may include Flagstaff Sports Foundation members and past Hall of Fame recipients.  The selections shall be ratified by the Flagstaff Sports Foundation Board, and such ratification will constitute confirmation of those nominees to the Flagstaff Sports Hall of Fame.

·         Any athlete, coach, volunteer, or other sports-related individual, male or female, amateur or professional, living or deceased, with a deep-seated commitment to high achievement in sports within northern Arizona is eligible for nomination.

·         Nominee shall have a clear connection to sports in northern Arizona before or during their period of excellence.

·         Nominee need not be retired from participation.

·         Clearly demonstrated integrity, sportsmanship and citizenship are essential.

·         Team members are inducted as a group when the team(s) is being recognized.

·         Nominations must be received six weeks prior to the induction ceremonies.  Once scheduled, specific dates will be available at FlagstaffSportsFoundation.com.


Nominee Contact Information:

Athletic Contributions:

Please include the nominee’s connection to sports in northern Arizona, what their achievements are and how they demonstrate integrity, sportsmanship and citizenship.  If nominating a team, please include the name and year that is being nominated and list all members.

Community Impact:

How has this nominee positively impacted sports in northern Arizona?

Nomination Submitted By:

Rules for Induction Ceremonies: These rules are established so that all inductees receive equal opportunity and treatment during induction ceremonies.

·         One individual will be selected by each recipient to introduce them at the ceremony.  This introduction is limited to five minutes.

·         The Sports Foundation Hall of Fame recipient thus has five minutes to respond and provide comments.

Those participating in the program; the inductee, their significant other and the individual providing the introduction, will be exempt from admission/meal charges.  All other individuals and groups attending the event will be subject to admission/meal charges.